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Kellogg on Marketing

Alexander Chernev , Philip Kotler


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Creators Take Control

Edward Lee

A leading legal scholar offers a compelling new theory to explain the meteoric rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their impact on art, business, entertainment, and society and explains how they are revolutionizing our understanding of ownership. If you buy...

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How Digital Forces Beyond Our Control Commandeer Our Daily Lives and Inner Realities

David B. Auerbach

How the autonomous digital forces jolting our lives – as uncontrollable as the weather and plate tectonics – are transforming life, society, culture, and politics. David Auerbach’s exploration of the phenomenon he has identified as the meganet begins wit...

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Next Generation Retail

How to Use New Technology to Innovate for the Future

Deborah Weinswig , Renee Hartmann

Adapt and thrive in the digital-first and physical sphere by embracing retail disruption and the next generation of technological innovations such as instant commerce and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) ....

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Disruptive Technologies

Develop a Practical Framework to Understand, Evaluate and Respond to Digital Disruption

Paul Armstrong

Acquire a framework to understand, evaluate and respond to emerging technologies in order to future-proof your organization against technological disruption....

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Learning Technology

A Complete Guide for L&d Professionals

Donald Clark

Use this practical book from a learning technology expert to understand what learning technologies are, how they work and assess where budget is best spent to maximize ROI....

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Leading Digital Ministry

A Comprehensive Guide

Marvin Bergman

This timely guide provides insight and tools to address the challenges and opportunities in leading ministry in a new hybrid world. While churches have long since used technology to reach broader audiences, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a huge, sudden shif...

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Psychoanalysis, the Self and the World

Postphenomenology, Consciousness, and Death

Mark Leffert

This book takes psychoanalysis into the 21st Century, examining issues of existentialism, postphenomenology, social media, and death and death anxiety that have gone largely ignored in the psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic literature. Using an interdiscipli...

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How Sex Changed the Internet and the Internet Changed Sex

An Unexpected History

Samantha Cole

A short, serious history of the co-development of sex and sexuality and the internet, and how the issues at their convergence increasingly define our lives: free speech, privacy, online banking, dating and social media, streaming technology, cultural and sexua...

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Media Management and Artificial Intelligence

Understanding Media Business Models in the Digital Age


This cutting-edge textbook examines contemporary media business models in the context of Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation. AI has dramatically impacted media production and distribution, from recommendation engines to synthetic humans, from v...

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Master Web3 Marketing to Build a Thriving Community & Business

Lunar Strategy , Shann Holmberg

An Ultimate Guide to Mastering Web3 Marketing Web3.0, the third generation of the internet, promises a more decentralized web, giving users more power over their data and privacy. This begs the question, “How will businesses and marketers target a specific a...

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The Unhackable Internet

How Rebuilding Cyberspace Can Create Real Security and Prevent Financial Collapse

Thomas P. Vartanian

Like most aspects of modern existence, more and more of our financial lives have migrated to the digital realm. With the benefits of ease that our Internet allows us, that transition also raises numerous – and dangerous – threats to national security, our ...

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Living + Dying INbetween the Real + the Virtual

Peter Jay Zweig

Reality isn't what is sused to be. As the world moves increasingly from the real to the virtual, the question emerges, who do we want to be as humans? The amount of time spent on devices is taking more of our time from the real world as we 'fast forward' to th...

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The Year in Tech, 2023: The Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review

A year of HBR's essential thinking on tech--all in one place. From emotional AI and hybrid collaboration tools to crypto for business and no-code apps, tech innovations are reshaping organizations from the factory floor to the C-suite. What should you and your...

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Leveraging Technology as a Response to the COVID Pandemic

Adapting Diverse Technologies, Workflow, and Processes to Optimize Integrated Clinical Management

Paul H. Frisch , Harry P. Pappas

In 2019 the world was struck with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) infecting major portions of the world’s population. There were no vaccines or treatments available to help mitigate the disease or offer a cure. The world's health systems were inundated with massi...

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Swipa the Fox: Special Edition

DE'AARON. FOX , Natashia McGough-Clarke

NBA star, De'Aaron Fox accidentally ventures into a basketball video game metaverse while his video game counterpart causes havoc in the real world. De'Aaron has to harness all of his world-class basketball skills to play his way out of the digital game and re...

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A Systematic Guide to Leadership Selection Using Total Quality Management Techniques

Luis Carlos Rabelo Mendizabal , Charles W. Davis , Ahmed Elattar

"This book identifies the application gap and presents a methodology based on Total Quality Management (TQM) to support the guidance of a process to select leadership (at any level of the organization). A modification to the House of Quality and a product of t...

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The Routledge Handbook of Digital Consumption

Rosa Llamas , Russell Belk

Since the publication of the ground-breaking first edition, there has been an exponential growth in research and literature about the digital world and its enormous potential benefits and threats. Fully revised and updated, this new edition brings together an ...

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Survival of the Richest

escape fantasies of the tech billionaires

Douglas Rushkoff

The tech elite have a plan to survive the apocalypse: they want to leave us all behind. Five mysterious billionaires summoned Douglas Rushkoff to a desert resort for a private talk. The topic? How to survive The Event: the societal catastrophe they know is com...

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Twitch For Dummies

Tee Morris

Find your own streaming success with Dummies Twitch For Dummies will get you up to date with Twitch, the breakthrough streaming platform where you can set up a channel, increase your viewership, and find your people. Step-by-step guides and helpful, real-life ...

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Essentials of Tourism

Chris Cooper

An introduction to the elements of tourism covering topics such as changing government policy, VR tourism and the metaverse, climate change, sustainable tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This fourth edition has been updated to include the i...

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Hospitality Marketing

Principles and Practices

Dogan Gursoy , Francis Buttle , David Bowie

Hospitality Marketing is an introductory textbook which shows readers how to apply the principles of marketing within the hospitality industry. The fourth edition contains examples and case studies exemplifying how ideas and concepts discussed within its chapt...

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Swipa the Fox

Special Edition

De'Aaron Fox , Natashia McGough-Clarke

NBA star, De'Aaron Fox accidentally ventures into a basketball video game metaverse while his video game counterpart causes havoc in the real world. De'Aaron has to harness all of his world-class basketball skills to play his way out of the digital game and re...

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All is NOT Fair in Love and War

J M Lotfy

It is 2054; World War Three has been declared. Luna is caught in a world where she cannot escape the torment of potential war at her doorstop; at everyone's door stop. The Ministry will imminently call upon all men to fight the battle to save their homelands a...

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Thrill Switch

Tim Hawken

'Like Ready Player One meets The Silence of the Lambs' A murder-a-minute cyberpunk thriller to bend minds and defy reality....

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Implementing Automation Initiatives in Companies to Create Better-Connected Experiences

Jorge Remondes , Sandrina Teixeira

Digital transformation is spreading throughout every industry all over the world. Acquiring new technologies to use within business practices increases productivity and strengthens the connection between businesses and their consumers. The digital transformati...

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