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Human Resource Management in Sport and Recreation

Packianathan Chelladurai , Amy Chan Hyung Kim

Human Resource Management in Sport and Recreation, Fourth Edition, explains essential modern-day concepts and application of human resources in sport and recreation organizations...

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AI for Sports

Chris Brady , Karl Tuyls , Shayegan Omidshafiei

It seems that artificial intelligence (AI) is always just five years away, but it never arrives. Recently, however. developments have made the practical utility of game theory a genuine reality. Will sport provide the petri dish in which AI will prove itself? ...

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Games People Played

A Global History of Sports

Wray Vamplew

This first global history of sports offers all spectators and participants reason to cheer—and to think. Games People Played is, surprisingly, the first global history of sports. The book shows how sports have been practiced, experienced, and made meaningful...

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High-Performance Training for Sports

David Joyce , Daniel Lewindon

High-Performance Training for Sports changed the landscape of athletic conditioning and sports performance when first published in 2014. Now the second edition builds on that groundbreaking work with the latest and most effective philosophies, protocols, and p...

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The Sociology of Sports

An Introduction, 3d ed.

Tim Delaney , Tim Madigan

This third edition takes a fresh approach to the study of sport, presenting key concepts such as socialization, race, ethnicity, gender, economics, religion, politics, deviance, violence, school sports and sportsmanship. While providing a critical examination ...

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Contemporary Sport Management

Paul M. Pedersen , Lucie Thibault

"Short, factual description of the book (summary of what it includes, without subjective or promotional language.) This classic but thoroughly updated introductory text is designed so students will understand sport management as a field of study and a vibrant ...

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The Brain on Youth Sports

The Science, the Myths, and the Future

Julie M. Stamm

This book will dispel myths about head impacts in youth sports, potential consequences of these collisions, and the changes sports organizations have made to make these sports “safer than ever.” It will empower parents and athletes to make an informed deci...

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Advanced Sports Nutrition

Dan Benardot

Use the most sophisticated sports nutrition information to help you reach your athletic performance goals. In Advanced Sports Nutrition, Third Edition, world-renowned sports nutritionist Dr. Dan Benardot combines the latest research, strategies, and sports nut...

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Scientific Principles of Sports Training

Dr. A.K. Uppal

All activities which are part of human behaviour were subject to a long-term development. The result of the activity in both examples can be considered a performance. Performance is understood as an extent to which motor task is accomplished. In the case of th...

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Sports Management and Curriculum Design in Physical Education

Dr. Dalwinder Singh

Sport management is an industrious field concerning the business aspects of sports and recreation. Some examples of sport managers include the front office system in professional sports, college sports managers, recreational sport managers, sports marketing, e...

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Sports Biomechanics and Kinesiology

Dr. Praveen Kumar

Biomechanics is the sport science field that applies the laws of mechanics and physics to human performance, in order to gain a greater understanding of performance in athletic events through modeling, simulation and measurement. It is also necessary to have a...

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Sports Journalism and Mass Media

Dr. Arvind Malik

The book covers following topics: UNIT I – Introduction Meaning and Definition of Journalism, Ethics of Journalism - Canons of journalism- Sports Ethics and Sportsmanship - Reporting Sports Events. National and International Sports News Agencies. UNIT II –...

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30 Day Champions Journal

An Edge in Sports, Habits for Life

Priscilla Tallman

This book is an athlete's companion to their physical game which shows that journaling for sports helps reduce physical symptoms of anxiety as well as negative thoughts and worry. This tool for coaches, parents, sports administrators as well as athletes....

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Artificial Intelligence in Sport Performance Analysis

Duarte Araújo , Micael S Couceiro , Ludovic Seifert , Hugo Sarmento , Keith Davids

To understand the dynamic patterns of behaviours and interactions between athletes that characterize successful performance in different sports is an important challenge for all sport practitioners. This book guides the reader in understanding how an ecologica...

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Applied Statistics in Physical Education and Sports

Dr. M.R. Dhinu

The book titled Applied Statistics in Physical Education is written on the revised and updated syllabus of M.P.Ed Physical Education. The book covers: UNIT I – Introduction Meaning and Definition of Statistics. Function, need and importance of Statistics. Ty...

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Organizational Behavior in Sport Management

An Applied Approach to Understanding People and Groups

Christopher R. Barnhill , Natalie L. Smith , Brent D. Oja

This textbook presents a comprehensive analysis of organizational behavior in sport organizations from a practitioner's perspective. It covers issues related to managing employees and work teams as well as organizational structure and culture in sport. The boo...

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Sports Psychology

Mangal, S. K

A comprehensive textbook covering fundamentals of psychology and its application and usage in sports and related activities. Sports Psychology is based on the premise that one’s participation and performance in sports is as much psychology oriented as it is ...

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Home Advantage in Sport

Causes and the Effect on Performance

Taylor & Francis Group

This is the first book exploring the concept of home advantage (HA), the well-known beneficial effect that players and teams derive from performing at home in all sports throughout the world. Despite the fact that the existence of a HA dates back to the origin...

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The Palgrave Handbook of Globalization and Sport

Joseph Maguire , Katie Liston , Mark Falcous

This handbook illustrates the utility of global sport as a lens through which to disentangle the interconnected political, economic, cultural, and social patterns that shape our lives. Drawing on multidisciplinary perspectives, it is organized into three parts...

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Sport Law

A Managerial Approach

Anita M. Moorman

Now in its fourth edition, this text is still the only sport law textbook to introduce sport legal studies from a management perspective and integrate legal strategies to gain a competitive advantage in business. Acknowledging that students understand legal co...

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Routledge Handbook of Sports Journalism

Rob Steen , Jed Novick , Huw Richards

The Routledge Handbook of Sports Journalism is a comprehensive and in-depth survey of the fast-moving and multifaceted world of sports journalism. Encompassing historical and contemporary analysis, and case studies exploring best practice as well as cutting ed...

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21st Century Sports

How Technologies Will Change Sports in the Digital Age

Sascha L. Schmidt

This book outlines the effects that technology-induced change will have on sport within the next five to ten years, and provides food for thought concerning what lies further ahead. Presented as a collection of essays, the authors are leading academics from re...

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Sports Training

Dr. A. K. Uppal

To develop the physical education, culture it is essential the concept of sports training should be familiar to physical education teachers and coaches. Knowing the principles of sports training alone is not enough, teachers and coaches should be well versed w...

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Die Rezeption des Sports in den Medien

Holger Schramm

Primäres Ziel des Bandes ist es, die bisherigen Erkenntnisse zur medialen Sportrezeption überblicksartig und systematisch darzustellen. Aufbauend auf einführenden Beiträgen zu Angebot und Nutzung von Mediensport erklären die weiteren Beiträge, warum sich...

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Strategic Sport Communication

Paul M. Pedersen , Pamela Laucella , Andrea Geurin , Edward Kian

"This book explores the multifaceted segment of sport communication. This text presents a standard framework that introduces readers to the many ways in which individuals, media outlets, and sport organizations work to create, disseminate, and manage messages ...

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Managing Sport Facilities

Gil Fried , Matthew Kastel

Managing Sport Facilities, Fourth Edition With Web Study Guide, draws theory and application into an engaging, practical guide for effectively managing a sport facility. Topics include building design and construction, operations, marketing, legal issues, fina...

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Routledge Handbook of Global Sport

John Nauright , Sarah Zipp

The story of global sport is the story of expansion from local development to globalized industry, from recreational to marketized activity. Alongside that, each sport has its own distinctive history, sub-cultures, practices and structures. This ambitious new ...

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Sports Finance 2018

Angel Barajas , Duane Rockerbie

Sports economics is a relatively new field of research that is experiencing rapid growth in the economics literature. The importance of the sports industry to economies coupled with the availability of financial and productivity data have made the study of spo...

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An Economic Roadmap to the Dark Side of Sport

Volume II: Corruption in Sport

Wladimir Andreff

This Palgrave Pivot surveys facts and cases exhibiting and exemplifying corruption in sport. The standard economic theory (economics of crime, game theory) is introduced alongside the economic methods (sanctions, etc.) which are currently derived from it to co...

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