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The Fight of Our Lives

My Time with Zelenskyy, Ukraine's Battle for Democracy, and What It Means for the World

Iuliia Mendel

When Ukrainian journalist Iuliia Mendel got the call she had been hired to work for President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, she had no idea what was to come. In this frank and moving inside account, Zelenskyy’s former press secretary tells the story of his improbable...

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Tears Over Russia

A Search for Family and the Legacy of Ukraine's Pogroms

Lisa Brahin

A sweeping saga of a family and community fighting for survival against the ravages of history. Set between events depicted in Fiddler on the Roof and Schindler’s List, Lisa Brahin’s Tears over Russia brings to life a piece of Jewish history that has never...

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War Diary

Yevgenia Belorusets

The young artist and writer Yevgenia Belorusets was in her hometown of Kyiv when Putin's "special military operation" against Ukraine began on the morning of February 24, 2022. With the shelling of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, and Kherson, the war with Russia had cl...

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Rooster House

A Ukrainian Family Secret

Victoria Belim

A family history told across four generations as a young woman searches for traces of her great-uncle who disappeared during the 1930s, and through it, Ukraine's complex relationship with its Soviet past.[Bokinfo]....

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Andriy Lyubka

Carbide explores the underbelly of the Ukrainian smuggling industry in a merciless yet loving parody of Ukrainian nationalism....

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Ukrainian American Poets Respond

Virlana Tkacz , Olena Jennings

Open this book to discover 28 poetic views on Ukraine and Ukrainian culture and heritage in America. These poems were submitted or read at two online events as the poets' responses to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in the spring of 2022. The online events p...

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In Isolation

Dispatches from Occupied Donbas

Stanislav Aseyev

In this exceptional collection of dispatches from occupied Donbas, writer and journalist Stanislav Aseyev details the internal and external changes observed in the cities of Makiïvka and Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. Aseyev scrutinizes his immediate environment...

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Ukraine's Revolt, Russia's Revenge

Christopher M. Smith

“This firsthand account of contemporary history is key to understanding Russia's latest assault on its neighbor."—USA Today An eyewitness account by a U.S. diplomat of Russia’s brazen attempt to undo the democratic revolution in Ukraine Told from the per...

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Lessons from the Edge

A Memoir

Marie Yovanovitch

INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER | An inspiring and urgent memoir by the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine—a pioneering diplomat who spent her career advancing democracy in the post-Soviet world, and who electrified the nation by speaking truth to power dur...

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International Relations Theory

Mykola Kapitonenko

This textbook shows how to think about international relations and offers insights into its most important theories and issues. Written from beyond the Anglo-US academic environment, with attention to regional nuances, it teaches students to perceive internati...

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The War in Ukraine's Donbas

Origins, Contexts, and the Future

David R. Marples

This collective work analyzes the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, providing a coherent picture of Ukraine and Eastern Europe in the period 2013–2020. Giving voice to different social groups, scholarly communities and agencies relevant to Ukraine's recent histor...

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In the Labyrinth of the KGB

Ukraine's Intelligentsia in the 1960s–1970s

Olga Bertelsen

This book focuses on the writers who lived through the processes of de-Stalinization and re-Stalinization during the 1960s and 1970s in Soviet Ukraine. The author argues that the KGB unintentionally facilitated the transnational and intercultural links among t...

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The Frontline

Essays on Ukraine’s Past and Present

Serhii Plokhy

"The Frontline presents a selection of essays drawn together for the first time to form a companion volume to Serhii Plokhy’s The Gates of Europe and Chernobyl. Here he expands upon his analysis in earlier works of key events in Ukrainian history, including ...

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Grey Bees

Andrey Kurkov

With a warm yet political humor, Ukraine's most famous novelist presents a balanced and illuminating portrait of modern conflict. Little Starhorodivka, a village of three streets, lies in Ukraine's Grey Zone, the no-man's-land between loyalist and separatist f...

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Future NATO Enlargement

Force Requirements and Budget Costs

Mark F. Cancian

Past NATO enlargement helped produce a Europe whole, free, and at peace, but future enlargement, facing a hostile Russia, could require billions of dollars in additional defense spending. NATO and the United States should weigh these costs in future enlargemen...

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Ukraine's Nuclear History

A Non-Proliferation Perspective

Polina Andriïvna Sinovet︠s︡ʹ

This book presents a comprehensive overview of Ukraine's nuclear history, beginning from its experiences within the Russian Empire in the early 20th century, through the Soviet period, to the emergence of Ukraine as an independent state that inherited the worl...

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Advances in Artificial Systems for Logistics Engineering

Zhengbing Hu , Qingying Zhang , Sergey Petoukhov , Matthew He

The book comprises high-quality refereed research papers presented at the Second International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Logistics Engineering (ICAILE2022), held in Kyiv, Ukraine, on February 20–22, 2022, organized jointly by the National Tec...

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Conceptual and model support for the development of an innovative-active university

Opirskyy Ivan , Ryabova Zoya , Yelnykova Halyna

Monograph / edited by Prof., D.Sc. (Economics) Ponomarenko V., Prof., D.Sc. (Economics), Rayevnyeva O., Prof., Assoc. prof. (Economics) Yermachenko V. – Primedia eLaunch, Boston, USA...

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Vasyl Stus: Life in Creativity

Dmytro Stus

How to explain the mystery of fame? Many once well-known people who spent much of their lives at the core of historic events have fallen into oblivion since. The brilliant East Ukrainian poet and Soviet-era dissident Vasyl Stus (1938-85) became renowned only a...

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Dog Park

A novel

Sofi Oksanen

INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLER • Set in Ukraine and Finland, a captivating story of intrigue, betrayal, and murder in the global fertility market--from acclaimed writer Sofi Oksanen, "an international publishing sensation frequently likened to Stieg Larsson" (The...

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Recent Developments in Automatic Control Systems

Yuriy P. Kondratenko , Vsevolod M. Kuntsevich , Arkadii A. Chikrii , Vyacheslav F. Gubarev

Recent Developments in Automatic Control Systems consists of extended versions of selected papers presented at the XXVI International Conference on Automatic Control "Automation 2020" (October 13-15, 2020, Kyiv, Ukraine) which is the main Ukrainian Control Con...

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Ukrainian Nationalists and the Holocaust

John-Paul Himka

One quarter of all Holocaust victims lived on the territory that now forms Ukraine, yet the Holocaust there has not received due attention. This book delineates the participation of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and its armed force, the Ukra...

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Traitors (A Sophie Racine Assassin Thriller, Book 1)

Alex Shaw

The start of a gripping new crime thriller series introducing Intelligence officer Sophie Racine and featuring ex-SAS officer Aidan Snow! ‘Alex Shaw is one of the best thriller writers around!’ Stephen Leather...

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Semiotic analysis of Trypillia-Cucuteni sign systems

Yaroslav Melnyk , Taras Tkachuk

The book is devoted to the study of ornaments of one of the brightest cultures of the Eneolithic territories of Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania. The study proposes the study of ornamentalistics in synchrony and diachrony in terms of semiotics, which in turn allo...

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Russian Active Measures

Olga Bertelsen

The contributions gathered in this fascinating collection, in which scholars from a diverse range of disciplines share their perspectives on Russian covert activities known as Russian active measures, help readers observe the profound influence of Russian cove...

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At the Fence of Metternich's Garden

Mykola Riabchuk

This collection of essays reflects the personal experience of a Ukrainian intellectual engaged, since his Soviet-time youth, in a painstaking but fascinating process of the both cultural and political ‘Europeanization’ of his country. The title refers, iro...

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The Importance of New Technologies and Entrepreneurship in Business Development: In The Context of Economic Diversity in Developing Countries

The Impact of New Technologies and Entrepreneurship on Business Development

Bahaaeddin Alareeni , Allam Hamdan , Islam Elgedawy

This book introduces the students, researchers and practitioners into the subject and enabling technologies and applications pertaining to of technology, entrepreneurship and business development through research articles, case studies etc. It is primarily int...

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The Orphanage

A Novel

Serhiy Zhadan

"A Margellos World Republic of Letters Book."...

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