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Gwendy's Magic Feather

Richard Chizmar

08 September 2022
It's good, but I did not like the ending

Gwendy's Magic Feather

(The Button Box Series)

Richard Chizmar

13 July 2022
Was expecting more. Let's see if the 3rd book going to be better

Stephen King's America

Jonathan P. Davis

02 May 2022

The Night in Lisbon

A Novel

Erich Maria Remarque

01 March 2022

Billy Summers

Stephen King

21 January 2022
It's completely different King, not too scary anymore :) But I enjoyed reading this book, especially the 2nd part of it.

Christmas on the Screen

Reviewing the Evolution of American Spirituality

John A. Zukowski

22 December 2021
30 November 2021
This is one of the most interesting books I have ever read!

The Outsider

A Novel

Stephen King

15 July 2021

The Midnight Library

A Novel

Matt Haig

09 July 2021

A Night Divided

Jennifer A. Nielsen

27 May 2021
It's a decent book about Berlin Wall.
27 May 2021

Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves

Mark Z. Danielewski , ZampanΓ²

27 May 2021
Did not like it. A strange book with boring context.

Sleeping Beauties

Owen King , Stephen King

27 May 2021
It's ok, but was expecting more. The plot is a little too long


A Novel

Stephen King

26 May 2021
My favorite book so far!

Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury

26 May 2021
Good classics