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A Turn of the Tide

A Victorian time-travel pirate romance

Kelley Armstrong

In Thorne Manor there is one locked door. Behind it lies a portal to the twenty-first century, and nothing is going to stop Miranda Hastings from stepping through. After all, she is a Victorian writer of risqué pirate adventures—traveling to the future woul...

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How to Survive Time Travel

Larry Hayes

Lift off in the hilarious edge-of-your-seat adventure series that is a home alone story with a difference! Written by the inimitable Larry Hayes and hilariously illustrated by Katie Abey, this is the perfect read for fans of David Solomons, Tom Gates and Back ...

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Time Travel

To the Edge of History

Sourabh De

33000 years back, humans turned one of their bitter enemies into a loyal friend. Who was this enemy? And how did this 'enemy' help Homo sapiens to get to the top of the food chain? A ball of dung rolled by a beetle transformed humanity. How did that happen? A ...

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A Time Traveler's Theory of Relativity

Nicole Valentine

Days before his thirteenth birthday, science-lover Finn learns that the women of his family are time travelers and he is expected to help locate his missing mother....

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Snowstorms & Sleigh Bells

A Stitch in Time Victorian time-travel holiday novella

Kelley Armstrong

A Victorian time-travel holiday novella It’s a Victorian Christmas at Thorne Manor, and Rosalind Courtenay is staying far, far away from the door that leads to the twenty-first century. It took her four years to get back home, and she’s never going near th...

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If I Could Turn Back Time: A Time Travel Romantic Comedy

Mary Frame

She’s a spectral cynic. His death-day is fast approaching. Can they undo the mystical mayhem and scare up a decent happily ever after? Amelia Peters doesn’t believe in ghosts. After outing her late paranormal investigator parents as con artists, the natura...

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Time Troopers

Hank Davis , Christopher Ruocchio

NEW AND CLASSIC STORIES OF TIME TRAVEL MILITARY SF BATTLEZONE: ETERNITY Once, military actions were entirely two dimensional, confined to the surface of land and sea, but then submarines and aircraft added a third dimension, vastly extended by spaceflight. Now...

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A Twist of Fate

A Victorian time-travel romance

Kelley Armstrong

Escape into this time-travel romance series by #1 New York Times bestselling fantasy author Kelley Armstrong… Four years ago, Rosalind Courtenay stumbled from the nineteenth century to the twenty-first, where she has been trapped ever since, leaving her husb...

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Gabrielle and Arawn's Penance

A Time Travel Fantasy Novel (Paranormal Historical Young Adult Story)

Zachary Chopchinski

Coming of Age Portal Fiction Adventure Series - USA Today Bestselling Science Fantasy Author Gabrielle had faced death before... But she hadn't faced this. Gabrielle is thrown into the middle of Germany during World War II. But it's not the Nazis she's after. ...

🥺 Not rated yet

The Whirl Wind Man

The First-Time Travel Vessel

John Pavon

The Whirl Wind Man- is told thru oldest brother Jimmy Huey's vantage point and eyes, several decades past as two small town brothers' seemly endless games lands one which lasts and leads to discovery of first Time Travel Vessel and a fleeting space-time travel...

🥺 Not rated yet

The Long Caper

A Time Travel Novel

Charles Paul Reed

In 1963, large animal veterinarian, Paul Canute, encounters Bryan Nappy picking weeds by the side of the road. Pursued, shot at, and almost kidnapped, their escape is measured in more than a century to the year 2110....

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The Historian

A Time Travel Novel

C. De Melo

2115 Post-C: Humanity has been saved from the brink of extinction by Centurions. Extraterrestrial overlords impose androgyny and control reproduction through strict methods. AI world government, constant monitoring, and the ability to manipulate time are the r...

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The Curious Tale of Gabrielle

A FREE Time Travel Fantasy Novel (Paranormal Historical Young Adult Story)

Zachary Chopchinski

Coming of Age Portal Fiction Adventure Series - USA Today Bestselling Science Fantasy Author What if you woke up in someone else's life? All Gabrielle wanted was to sell the last remaining piece of her father so she could pay the bills. But When her mom moves ...

🥺 Not rated yet

Robin Hood, 1192 (The Symbiont Time Travel Adventures Series, Book 7)

Young Adult Time Travel Adventure

T.L.B. Wood

Petra and Kipp, accompanied by fellow time travelers Peter and Elani, travel to medieval England to answer a nagging question in the time-travel adventure, Robin Hood - 1192, by T.L.B. Wood Was Robin Hood a real man or a myth? The ever-curious time traveler, K...

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Time Travel Inn

Bart King

"No one seems very worried that your Grandmother Dolores has vanished from her job as innkeeper in the middle of the Wisconsin woods. That is until your parents suddenly and mysteriously insist on moving the family to take over the inn while she's 'away.' Kids...

🥺 Not rated yet

Time-Crossed Christmas

Guardians of the Stones Time Travel Romance

Jane DeGray


🥺 Not rated yet

Killing Time

A Time Travel Adventure Through a Hurricane

K. J. Waters

When the Strongest Hurricane in Decades Takes Aim at Florida, Ronnie Tries to Escape its Wrath. Will she Die in the Storm or Be Lost in Time Forever? Ronnie Andrews is lucky to be alive after a time travel glitch nearly took her life during Hurricane Frances. ...

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To Wish Upon an Egyptian

A Paranormal Time Travel Romance

Ishabelle Torry

An ancient Egyptian. A modern-day secretary. One immortal curse. Jessie is enamored by the past and has spent the last several years saving up for a once in a lifetime trip to Egypt. But she never imagined she’d get sucked into the glowing walls of her hotel...

🥺 Not rated yet

Time Out!

An Adventure in Time Travel

Kevin Creager

"If I knew then what I know now." Wally Stephens' tenth year high-school reunion is looming, but he's not where he hoped to be. No significant accomplishments, no love life, no future goals. Suddenly, he has the opportunity to take a time-out and go back in ti...

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The Mind-Game Film

Distributed Agency, Time Travel, and Productive Pathology

Thomas Elsaesser

This book represents the culmination of Thomas Elsaesser’s intense and passionate thinking about the Hollywood mind-game film from the previous two decades. In order to answer what the mind-game film is, why they exist, and how they function, Elsaesser maps ...

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Eternal Fire: A Time Travel Romance

Mariah Stone

Fans of Outlander and Ilona Andrews are devouring this new series: A man with no past and a woman determined to uncover it fall in love while the world is ending... Channing Hakonson has a secret. The world knows him as a mysterious billionaire and owner of th...

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Time Travel of Ralph Emery Into The Future Dumpster Diving.

Time Travel of Ralph Emery Into The Future

Ralph LeBlanc

No sooner did the spinning stop, I got a quick glimpse of my surroundings, and what looked like what I was falling into it wasn't a pretty sight. It seemed like I was about to fall into some kind of a junkyard or trash pile. Suddenly everything stopped with a ...

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The Trouble With Time Travel

Roy Huff

In the four years since he traveled through time to save the world, Quinn Black has settled happily into life as a new space race billionaire, despite the fact he's no longer able to travel or loop time. But before long, things start to go horribly wrong. The ...

🥺 Not rated yet

Time Lies

A Time Travel Romance

Rowena Tisdale

She thinks he's crazy, he thinks she's a witch. Of course, they fall in love. Shannon Kellogg is a spoiled heiress. She's shallow and self-centered, but after her third divorce, she vows to become a better person. Practicing kindness and empathy is her prescri...

🥺 Not rated yet

The Scarlet Queen

An Epic Space Opera/Time Travel Adventure

Sean Robins

Can a time machine be used to save the galaxy? Before teaming up with Tarq, Xornaa was a spy/mercenary with a terrible reputation. After finishing a successful mission, she receives a mysterious offer, one that involves a lot of money for a seemingly easy job....

🥺 Not rated yet

Elemental Witch, Books 1-3

Highland Time Travel Paranormal Romance

Ann Gimpel

Scottish time-traveling paranormal romance. Bundled for the very first time! Timespell A druid’s determination...A witch’s stormy rite of passage... Katerina eats, sleeps, and breathes cultural anthropology. The only stain on her success is her worry she...

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