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The Queer Mental Health Workbook

A Creative Self-Help Guide Using CBT, CFT and DBT

Dr. Brendan J. Dunlop

'A privilege to read, a pleasure to endorse' PROFESSOR TANYA BYRON 'This book completely bowled me over' DOMINIC DAVIES 'A super comprehensive book' MEG-JOHN BARKER To be queer is to feel different - a felt sense that you don't fit in. This can be alienating a...

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Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: An Interpersonal Approach

Dr. Jeffrey S Jones , Jeffrey Schwab Jones , Dr. Audrey M. Beauvais

Preceded by Psychiatric-mental health nursing / [edited by] Jeffrey S. Jones, Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, Vickie L. Rogers. Second edition. [2017]....

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Homelessness and Mental Health

João Mauricio Castaldelli-Maia , Antonio Ventriglio , Dinesh Bhugra

Whilst the number of people currently experiencing homelessness cannot be precisely estimated due to varying definitions across countries and cultures, the link between homelessness and mental health disorders is undeniable. Both are strongly affected by socia...

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Caring for Your Mental Health

Mari Schuh


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Mental Health and Psychopathology

Ami Rokach

This volume is a compilation of articles that shed light on psychopathology, how the one struggling with it experiences its implications, and how it affects everyday life. For one to be categorized as exhibiting positive mental health, an individual should not...

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Mental Health Informatics

Enabling a Learning Mental Healthcare System

Jessica D. Tenenbaum , Piper A. Ranallo

This textbook provides a detailed resource introducing the subdiscipline of mental health informatics. It systematically reviews the methods, paradigms, tools and knowledge base in both clinical and bioinformatics and across the spectrum from research to clini...

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Mental Health and Work Fitter Minds, Fitter Jobs From Awareness to Change in Integrated Mental Health, Skills and Work Policies

From Awareness to Change in Integrated Mental Health, Skills and Work Policies


A series of reviews of mental health and work policies in selected OECD countries revealed the challenge of mental health for social and labour market outcomes and policies and the high costs of the continued stigmatisation of mental health for individuals, em...

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Mental Health, Diabetes and Endocrinology

Anne M. Doherty , Aoife M. Egan , Sean Dinneen

Mental Health, Diabetes and Endocrinology examines the main areas of clinical overlap between endocrinology and mental health to address key clinical conundrums. Drawing on the most recent developments from literature and clinical practice, this book gives spe...

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A Practical Guide to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Screening, Evidence-based Assessment, Intervention, and Health Promotion

Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk, PhD, APRN-CNP, FAANP, FNAP, FAAN , Pamela Lusk, DNP, RN, PMHNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN

"This book is a thorough and relevant first step for health professionals to learn about mental health disorders among children and adolescents, from diagnosis to treatment to resources and prevention." -Richard H. Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS 17th Surgeon General o...

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Spirituality and Mental Health Across Cultures

Alexander Moreira-Almeida , Bruno Paz Mosqueiro , Dinesh Bhugra

Religiosity and spirituality (R/S) represent a very important factor of daily life for many individuals across different cultures and contexts. It is associated with lower rates of depression, suicide, mortality, and substance abuse, and is positively correlat...

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College Psychiatry

Strategies to Improve Access to Mental Health

Michelle B. Riba , Meera Menon

This book explores the practical strategies outlined by national thought leaders to improve access to mental health care in the practice of college psychiatry. It addresses the escalating need for mental health services on college and university campuses. Conc...

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Arts Therapies and the Mental Health of Children and Young People

Contemporary Research, Theory and Practice, Volume 1

Uwe Herrmann , Margaret Hills de Zarate , Salvo Pitruzzella

Arts Therapies and The Mental Health of Children and Young People presents innovative research, theory and practice in the arts therapies. The different social, cultural and political contexts and developmental age groups illustrate and underscore the richness...

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Research Anthology on Mental Health Stigma, Education, and Treatment

Management Association, Information Resources

In times of uncertainty and crisis, the mental health of individuals become a concern as added stressors and pressures can cause depression, anxiety, and stress. Today, especially with more people than ever experiencing these effects due to the Covid-19 epidem...

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Caring for People with Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in Primary Care Settings

Proceedings of a Workshop

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine , Health and Medicine Division , Board on Health Sciences Policy , Board on Health Care Services , Forum on Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Behavioral health conditions, which include mental health and substance use disorders, affect approximately 20 percent of Americans. Of those with a substance use disorder, approximately 60 percent also have a mental health disorder. As many as 80 percent of p...

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Convergence Mental Health

A Transdisciplinary Approach to Innovation

Harris A. Eyre , Michael Berk , Helen Lavretsky , Charles Reynolds

Convergence science is the process whereby innovation comes from the cross pollination of diverse disciplines, industries and cultures, carrying ideas and approaches across boundaries. This book is a blueprint for how this could and should occur in mental heal...

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Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy for Serious Mental Health Conditions

Aaron T. Beck , Paul Grant , Ellen Inverso , Aaron P. Brinen , Dimitri Perivoliotis

"This book can help you develop a spirited savvy in recovery-oriented cognitive therapy over the course of fifteen chapters, which we have organized into three parts: The first six chapters in Part I introduce you to recovery-oriented cognitive therapy, the ba...

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Mental Health in Nursing

Theory and Practice for Clinical Settings

Kim Foster , Peta Marks , Anthony O'Brien , Toby Raeburn

The 5th edition of this highly regarded text has a new title and approach which builds on the foundations of previous editions to acknowledge mental health as essential to holistic nursing practice in every setting. Written by Kim Foster, Peta Marks, Anthony O...

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The Oxford Handbook of Digital Technologies and Mental Health

Marc N. Potenza , Kyle Faust , David Faust

Digital technology use, whether on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or other devices, is prevalent across cultures. Certain types and patterns of digital technology use have been associated with mental health concerns, but these technologies also have the potent...

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Selected Topics in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Samuel Stones , Jonathan Glazzard , Maria Rosaria Muzio

This book addresses a variety of critical themes that relate to child and adolescent mental health and working memory. It focuses on various theoretical perspectives as well as highlighting implications for practice. The topics contemplated include social medi...

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Human Trafficking

A Treatment Guide for Mental Health Professionals

John H. Coverdale, M.D. , Mollie R. Gordon, M.D. , Phuong T. Nguyen, Ph.D.

This is an educational and clinical resource for health care practitioners from any discipline who may encounter sex- or labor-trafficked persons. The book provides the background knowledge and frontline clinical strategies providers need to identify, relate t...

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Mental Health in the Athlete

Modern Perspectives and Novel Challenges for the Sports Medicine Provider

Eugene Hong , Ashwin L. Rao

This unique book provides a practical framework for and coverage of a broad range of mental health concerns applicable to the care of athletes, including depression, suicide, mood disorders, substance abuse and risk-taking behaviors. To this end, it presents c...

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Corpus, Discourse and Mental Health

Daniel Hunt , Gavin Brookes

Situated at the interface of corpus linguistics and health communication, Corpus, Discourse and Mental Health provides insights into the linguistic practices of members of three online support communities as they describe their experiences of living with and m...

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Youth Mental Health

A Paradigm for Prevention and Early Intervention

Peter J. Uhlhaas , Stephen J. Wood

Experts discuss the potential of early intervention to transform outcomes for people with mental disorders. Mental illness represents one of the largest disease burdens worldwide, yet treatments have been largely ineffective in improving the quality of life fo...

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“Mind how you go” Mental health, mind, body and spirit

Arthur Hawes

What is dementia! Insanity? Mental illness? Thus compassionate and insightful account by one with long experience of working with 'mental health' sufferers sheds unexpected light on the subject. It's realist and accessible approach is not to be missed by anyon...

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Women's Mental Health

A Clinical and Evidence-Based Guide

Joel Rennó Jr. , Gislene Valadares , Amaury Cantilino , Jeronimo Mendes-Ribeiro , Renan Rocha , Antonio Geraldo da Silva

There is an increasing focus on medical studies related to differences between men and women, and women’s mental health stands out as one of the most important fields where sex-based differences are being investigated. Overall, studies show an existence of i...

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The Oxford Handbook of Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health

Esther D. Rothblum

"The Oxford Handbook of Sexual and Gender Minority Mental Health provides an overview of the current research on the mental health of sexual and gender minority (SGM) populations. It is aimed at researchers conducting studies on the mental health of SGM popula...

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Postpartum Mental Health Disorders: a Casebook

Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry Committee on Gender and Mental Health

"Postpartum Mental Health Disorders: A Casebook describes the recognition and management of psychiatric disorders that present in the postpartum period. Case vignettes illustrate the type of complaints that may present to the psychiatrist, primary care physici...

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