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Genetic Studies in Joyce

David Hayman , Sam Slote

Social Science / Sociology / General

Joyce criticism is a long way from having controlled the treasure trove of manuscript materials in the 63 volume James Joyce Archive. PROBES represents a new effort of incorporating manuscript research into critical concerns demonstrating in a practical manner how genetic work contributes to a fuller and more nuanced appreciation of Joyce's work. The organization of the essays is designed to highlight our two major but interlocking concerns: the nature and theoretical underpinnings of genetic criticism of Joyce and especially of Finnegans Wake, and some of the many ways that theory can be applied to the creative situation reflected in the notes and manuscripts. The questions raised in this volume are both current and important. Like Finnegans Wake itself, the manuscript record, because it is so complete, by stimulating the reader's curiosity and ingenuity, lends itself to a variety of approaches while rewarding specialized knowledge. Here too, as we decipher and transcribe, we are well advised to follow Joyce's advice and wipe [our] glosses with what [we] know. This volume will provide much that is new and of interest for all scholars of Joyce as well as scholars interested in the issues raised by genetic criticism
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