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The Rise of the Setting Sun

Prof. Suvasish Mukhopadhyay

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This book is nothing but the candid story of an ordinary engineering student. The central character of the book is named Animesh who is frustrated due to imposition of wrong vocation of Civil Engineering on him by the family members and the main person behind this imposition is his cousin brother who was a diploma engineer. The book talks of struggle, tears, labour, emotion, stress and lastly joy of Animesh. Animesh got married at an early with his girl friend Ashmita who was in her teen till then. After completion of graduation in engineering Animesh opted for post graduation in Hydraulics, though he wanted to pursue it in Environmental Engineering. The whole text talks of the love and obsession for chemistry by Animesh. He was a scholar who was wrongly placed in a wrong vocation. The book talks of the childhood, boyhood, student hood and manhood of Animesh. It is shown that in all the critical junctures of his life Animesh didn’t compromise with his choice and ethics. His fight with morbid melancholy and depression is written in a very simple language. It s highlighted in the book that a person can be truly successful if he gets his true vocation. In student hood Animesh committed mistake due to his immaturity but as a post graduate engineer he didn’t compromise with his inner voice and he had only choice which is none else than teaching profession. There is a misconception that money makes one happy, but that wrong thought is replaced by the thought and logic which says a person can be only happy if he gets his preferred profession. The key to happiness depends upon two things, one is the profession and second is the relation of one with his/her spouse. Asmita the wife of Animesh had to struggle enormously for the stubborn nature of Animesh. The whole text is divided into one hundred and eleven chapters and various incidents are portrayed in very lucid English so that readers from all walks of life can enjoy the text. This book has the potential to transform a person who is confused or misguided about his line of study or choice of profession. The mission of the author is to show the correct path to the generations to come and awaken the dormant talent within a person which is in deep slumber due to wrong guidance and lack of counselling.

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