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This is the debut novella written in Wikacy Writing App on the fly: Three axolotls embark on an adventure to save their father from an evil time-sentinel, who has trapped him in another dimension. Aided by an ancient wizard, they discover their true celestial origins -- and what they must do to restore their rightful place in the universe. This immersive novel transcends all timelines and histories to generate a new world of quantum, user-created fiction, as the adventures of these axolotls speak to the heart of the purpose of all humanity. The Story Traveler has returned to earth and is building an army of storytellers. Destinies, passions, and ancient legends of a celestial species hidden within humanity finally come to light to take their rightful place in this world. As you read this book, you may discover that you are one of these special, supernatural beings, and awaken your true identity and power. Welcome to the infinite world of Wikacy.

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Daniel Perley

Wow. I definitely did not expect this. This books blows everything away. One could study the allegorical truths portrayed in this book for a lifetime.

20 January 2022