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Experiments in Love

An Anabaptist Theology of Risk-Taking in Mission

Emily Ralph Servant

Religion / Christian Ministry / Missions

Could it be that the stories we tell in our churches weaken our efforts to be congregations who take risks in mission for the sake of love? In this thought-provoking book, Emily Ralph Servant suggests that the work of today’s leaders is to explore new stories, listen to new voices, and open ourselves up to the Spirit’s work of transformation.

Experiments in Love engages in a three-way dialogue with feminist and liberation theologians, the social and behavioral sciences, and the Anabaptist tradition. Out of this vibrant conversation emerges the story of a God who takes the risk of being radically present to a vulnerable world. Because of God’s courageous presence with us, we can also take the risk of being vulnerably present to others as God invites us all to participate in God’s community of life, love, and flourishing.
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