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Zen-Fully Challenged Golf

The Greatest Mind Game Become Master of Mind While Mastering the Greatest Mind Game Golf with Zen

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LOWER YOUR GOLF SCORE AND DO IT ZEN FULLY , Challenges in life can distract you from your goal of playing the shot at hand. Tired of that little negative voice telling you all the wrong things keeping you up bogey Creek.. This book relaxes and eases the thought process making it much more , Zenfull , Allowing the thought to come and pass. Do not attempt to eliminate it; allow it to pass naturally, like a wave on the ocean!This GUIDE is a self-help Zen-based book of step-by-step insightful mind challenges that collectively organize mind, body and soul, making the game of golf the highlighted factor and focusing on perfecting the game.

Imagine this,

I put a wooden board on the ground. It is 50ft long and a width of 2ft. I ask you to walk along the plank from one end to the other. You do this without concern as there are no real consequences and the width is very large.

I now raise the plank 2ft off the ground.

Chances are you will still walk along it without any real concern as the consequences of falling off are quite acceptable.

In golf terminology, we might say you are on the 18th green and your ball is 45ft from the hole and you have a 6-shot lead.

Since you are unconcerned about the result, you simply putt and the likelihood is that you can hole it in two or fewer strokes because you are comfortable and unconcerned. You don't care if you miss the first putt and believe it or not, that is the optimal way to play. You are unconcerned with the result and simply make the one putt.

Steve Davis, one of the greatest snooker players of all time and now a household name in the pool, once said,

"You have to play as though it doesn't matter, especially when it does."

Following that, I lift the wooden plank to a height of ten feet. Consider how you can step along it.

Now lift it to a height of 30ft. If you fall from there, you will be injured and your conscious brain will start to consider the consequences, causing you to fear, stress and doubt. You would not be able to walk as confidently along the plank as you did when it was on the floor and you simply stepped along it. In other words, you walked it without realizing or thinking about it. What if the plank is raised to a height of 100ft?

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