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Falling through Oblivion

Dreams, Dragons and Destiny

Kashish Mandhane

Young Adult Fiction / Action & Adventure / Survival Stories

After disclosing to her best friend, Logan, that she can see bizarre things, Melanie receives a message from what can only be a sinister presence.
With his father vanishing and all the signs telling him to undertake a precarious odyssey, Logan is forced to walk into the unknown along with Melanie and discover a world of bewitched fortresses, invincible monsters, cynical sorceresses and implausible dangers.
Only time shall tell if this pair of oblivious sixteen-year-olds can fight through the traps laid out by evil forces and prevent what could potentially be the end of the world.

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Latest ratings

Nils Gats

Superb Book by a very young talented writer. The way Friendship is described is beyond imagination. How Friends survive dangerous circumstances and how they help each other to get over any situation is very beautifully described. A Must read.

02 September 2022