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Into the Mixed

A J Walker

Fiction / Fantasy / Urban

She’s a P.I. solving murders by magic. Her partner is a human, ex-military. Taking down mages and shapeshifters in the non-wizarding world is their specialty, but Investigator Glock has a secret even her partner doesn’t know… she’s a witch.

Humans, Normals as the mage call them, don’t know about the overlapping wizarding world that mirrors their non-magical realm, the Mixed. The MIA, Magic Intelligence Agency, is supposed to keep it that way, but wizarding prejudice toward Normals overrides their policing presence in the Mixed. As a result, the Mixed is like the wild west for magical criminals. That’s where Bonnie Glock steps in. Operating under the guise of a private investigator working with the San Francisco PD, she takes on the worst mages and shapeshifters.

With murder by magic flooding the streets of the Bay City, Investigator Glock struggled to stay ahead of the perps. Keeping her secret as being a witch becomes increasingly difficult when she hires a Normal as her partner. Things heat up when he starts asking question and Glock’s lies compound, effecting her personal and working relationship with Detective Moriano of the SFPD. Can Investigator Glock keep working in the shadows? Or will her Normal partner expose her, ruining her chances at a normal relationship with the attractive SFPD detective?

Try Into the Mixed, the first of the Bonnie Glock Mystery series now, and discover a richly imagined urban fantasy world, packed with mystery, action, and romance. Starting reading today.

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