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Python Programming: Problem Solving, Packages and Libraries

Anurag Gupta , G.P. Biswas

Computers / Programming Languages / Python

This textbook on Python programming is meant for all interested people in Python- from beginners to those seeking to graduate to the advanced level, researchers, professionals, aspiring data analysts and data visualizers. Based on Python 3.X, the textbook covers the basic essential components in understanding of pythons and a dozen of Python libraries such as NumPy, SciPy, sympy, and pandas. Each concept is explained with help of codes, solved examples, figures and screenshots followed by exhaustive chapter-end exercises. Advanced topics, such as, matplotlib, mapping applications like base map and folium, natural language tool kit (NLTK), gensim and vector space model can be accessed online along with solutions to chapter-end questions, more assignments and power point presentations. Few highlights: comprehensive coverage of Model AICTE syllabi concept clarity with screenshots and solved examples gives logical explanations to programming algorithms each example code tested on Python 3.X interpreter or Jupyter notebook all codes can be accessed and practices on GitHub.
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02 February 2022